FAQ about My Art Gallery

Do you accept commissioned projects?

Yes, I do. Please send your request through via the "Contact Me" page

Do you offer instalment payment plans?

Yes, but for commission work only.

Do you use archival, environmentally friendly materials?

As much as I can, I choose to use non-toxic material for all my artworks.

Do you rent or lease your art, and what are your fees?

I am not offering my artworks up for hire at this stage.

Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?

Yes, I do. Please send your request through via the contact me page.

Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork?

Yes, I am happy to assist with frame selections.

If you print limited editions of your originals, what is the size of the edition?

I am not offering prints of my artworks at this stage.

Do you accept visitors at your studio?

Yes, by appointment only.

FAQ about Interior Styling

What's an Interior Stylist?

The role of an Interior Stylist and Interior Decorator are somewhat overlapping. Both have the job of beautifying existing spaces without any structural alterations. Both professions focus heavily on aesthetics. Interior Decorators pay more attention to planning and have more involvement in the planning process. I am a qualified Interior Decorator who prefers to do design work that focuses on incorporating custom artworks into existing spaces, and feel that 'Stylist' is more descriptive of this role.

Why should I hire you?

To see your home come alive the way it expresses your unique is my specialty. Hire me only if you like my work represented on my website, and if you are art-centric in your approach to decorating your space.

What is your style?

Style represents limitations for me. I believe each one of us is explicitly unique. This uniqueness is what I strive to express on your behalf.

What experience do you have?

I've been designing concepts for the past three years and had the privilege to dress up homes with suitable artworks. I realised this is my strength, and I am ready to showcase my skills to suitable clients

Can you work with me if I'm living in another country?

Thanks to technology, distance is no longer an obstacle. There are many ways that I can present visual work to you, and different digital platforms can streamline the communication between us.

Will I be working one-to-one with a designer?

Yes, you will have my full attention on your project from start to finish.

How do you show the final design?

Nothing can be closer to reality than a 3D design presentation of the proposed finish. And this is what I will provide as your blueprint for execution.